Kips Bay Promenade

One Tree/One Steward is a campaign led by the 1915 Kips Bay Neighborhood Association to design and build a fully planted park space with new integrated crossings and bioswales, in lieu of the sidewalk median between 30th and 33rd Streets.

Kips Bay Median 01 SmOur project, the KIPS BAY PROMENADE, began in 2014 with the stewardship of the 14 historic trees along the Second Avenue median, the two historic London Planes at the 30th Street corner and the two trees at the 33rd and Second Avenue corner. Each volunteer of the ONE TREE/ONE STEWARD team “owns” and cares for a tree, but the team works together to re-claim the Kips Bay Median and transform it into a fully planted park space with “green infrastructure” as bioswales.

Our long-term vision is to create a full Second Avenue green promenade from 34th to 23rd Streets linking the Kibel Plaza, Kips Bay Promenade, both Albano and Bellevue South Parks (to be renamed Kips Bay Park), the bike lane tree beds and the residential buildings tree bed plantings.

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