Kipster the Hawk is Hanging Out in Bellevue Park South

Strolling through the 28th Street entrance onto the path in Bellevue Park South, while his dog happily trotted ahead of him, one of our neighbors got the feeling someone was watching him. It was a crisp, clear day but aside from a mom with a couple of young girls in the play area, the park was pretty empty.

The dog ran into the play area so he followed him up and stood in the middle of the playground. Usually there are pigeons poking around for scraps or playing around the benches. Today, they were sitting up in the trees. Still feeling like someone was watching him, our neighbor looked up. And there it was, staring at him from the branches above his head – a hawk!

Kipster The Hawk Intro
You wanna take my picture…?

After taking a moment to say hello to the hawk and acknowledge him with a quick nod, our neighbor asked the hawk if he wouldn’t mind having his picture taken. The hawk looked at him and did not object, so he took out his phone and snapped a couple of pictures.

Kipster The Hawk
Kipster the Hawk

The dog came and sat by his side. The mom looked at him and then looked up into the trees. “Is that an owl?” she asked. “It’s a hawk,” he replied. She called her daughters and pointed up into the trees. They looked up and ran over to her, squealing with delight.

Kipster The Hawk 3

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